General Assembly of the OIAD on October 21st 2019 in Madrid

The OIAD met on Monday, October 21st 2019 at its General Assembly, which gathered some thirty active and associate members from Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium.

On this occasion, several resolutions were adopted relating to the accounts of the OIAD, the activity report and the elections of the members of the Executive Board: the Milan and Geneva Bar Association have thus joined the OIAD’s Board.

Then, the OIAD’s President, Mr. Basile Ader, officially handed over the torch of the presidency to Mrs. Victoria Ortega Benito, President of the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española.

Participants were thus invited to discuss certain situations where lawyers face threats such as in Turkey, in Cameroon, Honduras and Iran. These discussions made it possible to identify certain priorities and means of action to be put in place. Draft exploratory missions and audience observation missions were discussed as well as the future orientations and developments of the OIAD.

Following this general meeting, three workshops were organized on:

  • Risk management on mission
  • The issue of exiled asylum-seeking lawyers
  • The orientations and developments of the OIAD

The members of the OIAD have therefore decided to put in place a documentation kit on risks on mission, a guide to good practices and partnerships for the assistance provided to asylum-seeking groups. The organization of working groups, the development of communication and the International Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2020 were among the issues discussed during these workshops.


Find our activity report in 4 languages here.

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